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M&A Corporate reorganisation

FB Tax collaborates in the choice and implementation of the optimal solution from a business, legal and tax point of view in order to achieve the maximum benefits from the operation which, as “extraordinary” by definition, will deeply affect the business and economic reality of the Enterprise.


The Firm deals with the following aspects:

  • Tax and labour law due diligence;
  • Identification of the strategies and path to be implemented through the identification of the best transaction among the extraordinary operations such as merger, transfer, transformation, demerger as well as the sale of a company or a branch thereof;
  • Management of the contractual aspects connected with the implementation of the transaction, including the reorganisation of the new corporate structure;
  • Assessments and strategies in the context of generational changeovers.


FB Tax acts alongside the Client committed to the reorganisation of his company through:

  • Analysis of the economic, financial and capital structure;
  • Examination of structural costs and industrial accounting through cost centres;
  • Management control and budget drafting.