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Tax and fiscal consulting services

FB Tax supports its Clients with regard to all aspects related to the fiscal & tax area (e.g. providing advice, drafting statements, dealing with tax obligations, litigations, etc.).

The work of our professionals consists, in particular, in providing the Customer with full assistance in carrying out the activities related to the following Tax Areas:

  • Tax returns relating to individuals, partnerships and joint-stock companies;
  • Simplified and ordinary withholding tax return forms;
  • VAT returns;
  • IRAP statements (in relation to the regional tax on productive activities);
  • Fiscal & tax advice;
  • Advice on indirect taxes in general;
  • Local taxes and related declarations, when mandatory;
  • Inheritance statements;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Preparation and registration of lease agreements and management of rentals;
  • Preparation and sending of Intrastat and Esterometro (communication of the cross-border transactions) listing.


The Firm FB-Tax is able to provide updates and insights on fiscal & accounting and administrative issues.


We carry out this training activity to allow our Clients to always be adequately informed with clear references to the regulations of interest in the aforementioned areas.